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Les mills body pump 69 tracklist

BodyPump 69 - Sizzler and tracklist
BodyPump 69 is a strong, intense release that you’re going to learn fast and have fun with! The music is pumping with awesome tracks from Fall Out Boy, Pink and Rihanna, motivating you to really challenge yourself – and your class. The squats track is tough but, as the song suggests, it really gets the party started! There are three blocks of work and in each block the legs are pre-fatigued with bottom halves before the singles.
he chest track is short, simple and hard. Fall Out Boy’s rocking track I Don’t Care provides the momentum needed to get through more killer bottom halves before you start the good, honest, back work in track 4. It’s a classic track with three sets of identical work.
Pink’s huge hit So What ensures the biceps track is oozing attitude – this song is definitely the fun peak of this release! It’s another short, intense track but you’ll feel the burn in the bottom halves. There’s a new move in the lunges track – the three quarters squat. Coming up threequarters of the way in the squats means the load is kept on the leg muscles and boy, does it hurt!
And there’s no relenting of the pain in the massive shoulders

Source: Serge Verhulst

Cathe Friedrich's Power Hour + MIS & Body Max DVD
Sports (Cathe Friedrich)
  • THREE workouts on one DVD
  • Includes Cathe Friedrich's Power Hour, Maximum Intensity Strength and Body Max (Body Max contains both Cardio and weight training).
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Day 69 Beachbody Les Mills Pump
Les Mills Body Pump 69 Sizzler
Body Pump 69 Sizzler

Any feedback on the Les Mills Programs?

2007-05-18 19:30:22 by diamon345

I've been doing Les Mills Programs--Body Step, Body Combat, Body Pump, Rmp and they do not seem to get me a lot of results.
Any feedback?

Les Mills Body pump is great for both sexes

2007-06-15 23:48:37 by babyy

It take body pump and there are both men and woman in the class. Everybody I know loves the class. I get great results and enjoy going.

Success !!!

2007-06-22 18:12:20 by LadyLexus

I have been doing the Les Mills programs (Body Step, Body Pump, Rpm, Body Combat, Body Jam) and eating properly and, after 7 months of consisent working out and dieting, I am getting more muscle tone while my weight remains the same. I ALMOST got the body I want! Almost there. The best workout is, in my opinion, Body Step.
I have one question though: Why is it that I actually lost two pounds (the scale shows 2 pounds less) while I see that my muscle mass has increased? I thought that muscle weighs more than fat....?? Should I not have gained 2 lbs instead of losing it?
But, over all, I am getting results!

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Les Mills Body Pump 73 (DVD + CD)
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BODYPUMP 69 tracklist « NZ Glen : BodyCombat fanatic

BODYPUMP 69 tracklist. Posted by: nzglen on: January 17, 2009.
... my wife this and she said if they play that song in any Les Mills class she will walk out!

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