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Les Mills, Turbo Kick and ZUMBA!
Hello Friends!
h man, I haven't blogged in a while! There is sooooo much to tell!
he month of February has been like a "wild ride" LOL - so many things, at work, at home, and I've developed a flair for the dramatic! and I really do need to tone my self down, mostly this dramatic side of me has been at home. But I have not let all the happenings and going at home and work affected my workout schedule, and that's a plus for me!
Okay, where to start?
I am continuing with Les Mills! Last night I did my first ever 55min workout with Les Mills doing Pump Revolution, LOVED IT! it was the 1st workout that I do that has biceps and triceps tracks! My arms are super sore today. I made this video of my 2 favorite moments of the pump & shred! What I am loving of Les Mills Pump is that my lower body is getting AWESOME results! as well as my chest muscles, I am looking forward to start seeing changes in my arms! I do need to say that if you have been in the fence of ordering Les Mills Pump, let me give you a little push ;) the introductory price is going up, so now would be the time to go for it! If your ready click here

Now for the Turbo Report! I finished learning Round 48 of Turbo Kick, and I feel

Source: Carmen Fitness

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This is my 7 AM group of Beachbody Coaches and friends who are working out to Beachbody Fitness Programs six days a week. Todays workout was
Beachbody Coach Jack Hays and Les Mills Pump

I need advise about fitness

2007-07-22 11:44:52 by WantToLookBetter

I am currently 120 lbs and 22 percent body fat. I am 5'7''. I want to get down to 18 percent body fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle. Can you tell me how to do it without also gaining fat?
I want to be lean and muscular, not skinny and almost anorexic looking. I do have some muscle on my body but certainly not enough. I do 2 hrs of cardio a day plus I do body pump 3 times a week (body pump is ...mbbells and machines but I do not know how to structure my routine. Any advise? I need the simplest and easy to follow exercises.
Also, do I need to stick to my current diet as far the calorie intake or should I increase my calorie intake. I now eat between 1600 to 1900 calories a day and I HAVE maintained my current weight for 4 months. However, I look worse than when I did 4 months ago.

Notes to self: I've got muscles too!  — gulfnews.com
When my friends ask me how my day was, I invariably tell them how my Les Mills Body Pump class (a weights class) went: “Oh, there was some muscley dude in there who was trying to keep up with me on the lunge set. Obviously he couldn't … Hahaha!

Ashley Hebert Admits 'Addiction' to Something Not JP Rosenbaum!  — Gather Celebs News Channel
Ashley Hebert is excited about getting back to her "addiction." No, she isn't talking about J.P. Rosenbaum or anything illegal. Actually, she is talking about getting back to work outs.. Les Mills' Body Pump. After spending last week on call, the first …

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Les Mills PUMP, Coming to Beachbody - YouTube

... Les Mill's PUMP, Coming to Beachbody. More information, updates, and release date of Les Mills Pump coming soon.

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